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Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts Academic Advising

Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts Academic Advising

Undergraduate Student Advising

The Advising Team in the Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts serves all undergraduate students in the Boyer College of Music and Dance and the School of Theater, Film and Media Arts. We have lead advisors in each area that specialize in helping you navigate your undergraduate curriculum.

The Advising team for Music, Dance, Theater, Film and Media Arts is located in Mitten Hall, Suite 200 West


Brad Pearson, Director of Advising, CPCA
Leanna Arnold, Senior Advisor

Boyer College of Music and Dance
Margo Jackson

School of Theater, Film and Media Arts
Sachiko Nakazato-Mehu


The academic advising office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Our office follows the university schedule, meaning it is closed on the days the university is not open for business.

Make an Appointment

Students can make an appointment to see their academic advisor by logging in to TUPortal, going to “Student Tools” and finding the appointment scheduler in “Appointment System.” Once in, students can search for appointments available by their preferred day and time. They can also let their advisor know a bit more about what they want to talk about. Appointments are available year round, but there are certain periods where the advising center operates only on same day appointments (see below).

Same Day Appointments

To better address student needs, the CPCA advising team allows for same day appointments during busy times of the year, mainly the drop/add period during the start each semester and the duration of priority registration.

Starting at 7:00 AM during our same day appointment periods, students can log in to the advising appointment scheduling system on TUPortal and see the available appointments for that day. Availability depends on the advisor’s schedule, as well as how many other students have booked appointments for that day.

Same day appointments are 15 minutes in length, and should focus on timely concerns such as schedule revision, course overrides, leave of absence or excused withdrawal consultations, or other pressing matters. Appointments related to orientation, long-term academic planning, changing or adding programs, or graduation/progress reviews should make a 30-minute appointment with an advisor for a future day/time.

Prepare for your advising appointment

  • Know your TUID (91xxxxxxx)
  • Review your DARS report prior to attending your appointment
  • Write down and bring a list of all of the topics you wish to discuss or questions you have for your academic advisor
  • If you wish to discuss semester course planning, review your curriculum on the Temple Bulletin, and the course offerings for the upcoming semester.
  • Review any holds on your account and clear up those that you can prior to your advising appointment.
  • If asking questions about a letter or email that you received from anyone at the university, bring a copy of it with you for the advisor to review.