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Arts Courses Open to All Temple Students

Arts Courses Open to All Temple Students

Whether you need to fulfill an Arts Gen Ed requirement or simply want to participate and express yourself artistically, the Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts provides a wide range of courses.



Gen Ed - Arts Subject Number Credit Hours
    Jazz Century DANC 0806 3
    Shall We Dance? DANC 0831 3
    The Art of Listening MUST 0802 4
    World Musics MUST 0809 3
    Exploring Music MUST 0812 3
    World Musics: Honors MUST 0909 3
    Music in American Society MUST 1704 3
    History of Pop MUST 2113 1
    Dramatic Imagination THTR 0805 3
    The Creative Spirit THTR 0807 4
    The Art of Acting THTR 0825 3
    The Art of Acting: Honors THTR 0925 3
Gen Ed - Diversity and Race      
    Embodying Pluralism DANC 0828 3
    Race/Ethnicity in Cinema FMA 0843 3
    Race/Ethnicity in Cinema: Honors FMA 0943 3
    Race on the Stage THTR 0842 3
Gen Ed - Global/World Society      
    Philadelphia Dance Experience DANC 0827 3
    Imaginary Cities FMA 0869 3
    Imaginary Cities: Honors FMA 0969 3
    World Performances THTR 0852 3
Other Arts Courses for All Students      
    Jazz DANC 1804 2
    Tap Technique I DANC 1805 2
    Hatha Yoga DANC 1807 2
    Michael Jackson: Entertainer, Artist, Celeb DANC 1821 3
    Hip Hop DANC 2844 2
    Flamenco DANC 1808 2
    African Dance I DANC 2844 2
    Media and Culture FMA 1171 3
    Introduction to Film/Video Analysis FMA 1172 3
    Topics in Film Study FMA 3770 4
    Night Owls Campus Community Band MUSED 4652 0-1
    Voice for non-majors MUSC 1223 1
    Piano for non-majors I MUSC 1407 1
    Piano for non-majors II MUSC 1408 1
    Guitar for non-majors MUSC 1529 1
    Voice for non-majors: Jazz MUSC 2123 1
    Guitar for non-majors: Jazz MUSC 2133 1
    Piano for non-majors: Jazz MUSC 2143 1
    Large Jazz Ensemble MUSC 3110 1
    Instrumental Ensemble MUSC 4500/8500 1
    University Choral Ensembles MUSC 3300 0-1
    Marching Band MUSC 3510 1
    Swinging Owls MUSC 4152/5152 1
    Singing Owls Campus Community Choir MUSC 4352 0-1
    Samba Owls Campus Community Percussion Ensemble MUSC 4552/5552 1
    OWLchestra MUSC 4652/5652 1
    Music Theory for non-majors I MUST 1701 2
    Business of Music MUST 1118 2
    Introduction to World Music: Latin American Music MUST 1703 3
    Music in American Socieety MUST 1704 3
    Music Theory for non-majors II MUST 1705 3
    American Popular Music MUST 1763 2
    Music in Movie Epics MUST 1762 3
    Honors: Special Topics - Visual Music MUST 3900 3
    Latin American Music Ensemble MUST 4700 1
    Sound Recording (Fall) MUST 4713 3
    Jazz Improvisation Theory and Practice I MUST 4113 2
    Sound Recording MUST 4713 3
    Theater: The Collaborative Art THTR 1002 3
    Improvisation THTR 2262 3
    Stage Management THTR 2441 3
    Make-up THTR 2611 3
    Performance Art THTR 3055 3
    Playwriting THTR 3801 3


SUMMER (SS = Summer Session)

NOTE: Classes in the first summer session (SS1) for 2020 are offered exclusively online.

Gen Ed - Arts

Subject Number Credit Hours
    The Philadelphia Dance Experience (Online) -- SS1 DANC 0827 3
    Shall We Dance? Dance as a Narrative in American Film (Online) -- SS1, SS2 DANC 0831 3
    World Music (Online) - SS1, SS2 MUST 0809 3
    Exploring Music (Online) - SS1, SS2 MUST 0812 3
    Dramatic Imagination (Online) - SS1 THTR 0805 3
    The Creative Spirit (Online) - SS1 THTR 0807 4
    The Art of Acting (Online) - SS1 THTR 0825 3
Gen Ed - Diversity and Race      
    Sounds of Philadelphia (Online) - SS2 BCMD 0830 3
    Race/Ethnicity in Cinema (Main, Online) - SS1, SS2 FMA 0843 3

Gen Ed - World Society

    Imaginary Cities (Main, Online) - SS1, SS2 FMA 0869 3

Elective Courses

    Hatha Yoga (Main, Online) - SS1, SS2 DANC 1807 2
    Media & Culture (Online) - SS1 FMA 1171 3
    Introduction to Film/Video Analysis (Online) - SS1 FMA 1172 3
    Topics in Film Study (Online) - SS1 FMA 2670 4
    A Fresh Start: The Role of Reinvention in the History and Culture of Los Angeles (Writing Intensive/Online) - SS1, SS2 FMA 3696 4
    Entertainment Industry Perspectives (Online) - SS1 FMA 3770 4
    Hollywood Head Start (Online) - SS1 FMA 4440 4
    Special Topics: Community Music Therapy (Online) - SS1 MUED 9680 2
    Piano for Non-Music Majors (Online) - SS1 MUSC 1407 1
    Independent Study: Voice Class for non-music majors in Contemporary Music (Online) - SS2 MUSC 3582 1
    Guitar for Non-Music Majors (Online) - SS2 MUSC 1529 1
    Music Theory for non-majors I (Online) - SS1 MUST 1701 2


Descriptions for new courses - Summer 2020

BCMD 0830
Sounds of Philadelphia – SS2
This course will explore the history of music in Philadelphia, using music as a gateway to understand and challenge assumptions regarding issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, and identity. In this course, students will learn about composers, musical artists, and institutions with deep roots in Philadelphia in the framework of issues related to race and diversity.

DANC 2844
Hip Hop I – 2 credits – SS2
We will go on a virtual crash course to learn the foundational techniques and cultural legacy of 3 forms under the Hip Hop Dance umbrella: Locking (aka Campbellocking), Hip Hop/Party Dance and House Dance. For the final, students will create a dance video of their learning, which will be edited by the instructor.

DANC 2868, sec 701
Studies in Dance: Electronic Dance Music Styles: Tutting, Liquid and Digits – 2 credits – SS1
This course introduces students to a variety of electronic dance music (EDM) and related styles of social dance. Through synchronous online instruction, students will learn foundations in the hand-based styles of Tutting, Liquid, and Digits, each supplemented with components of footwork, such as gliding, rocking, and shuffling.

DANC 2868, sec 702
Studies in Dance: Body-Mind Awareness in Ballet – 2 credits – SS2
In this course, students will explore body awareness practices including Bartenieff Fundamentals and Pilates and how they can be applied to Ballet technique. Through imagery and experiential exercises, this online course will focus on the dynamic alignment of body and mind to discover new mobility and expressiveness in Ballet.

DANC 2868, sec 703
Studies in Dance: Breakdancing – Moves and Meanings – 2 credits – SS2
Suitable for all ability levels, students in this course will explore the movement aesthetics and cultural heritage of the hip hop art of “breaking.” This online course will cover key movement concepts: toprock, footwork, power moves (spins), and freezes, supported through reading, discussion, video clips, and practical tasks that embrace the core elements of hip hop knowledge.

DANC 2868, sec 704
Studies in Dance: Dance Health and Fitness – 2 credits – SS2
Students will study movement fundamentals and vocabulary of Ballet, Modern and African Diasporic dance techniques while simultaneously exploring the physiological benefits of dance practice and the connections between diet, nutrition, and fitness. Instruction will be delivered by Zoom.

FMA 3696
A Fresh Start: The Role of Reinvention in the History and Culture of Los Angeles – 4 credits – SS2, SS2
From the reality show The Hills to the series Bojack Horseman to the artist Raymond Pettibon's I Thought California Would Be Different to Paul Thomas Andersen's Boogie Nights to Sandra Tsing Loh's 1990s essays, and more, this class will view documentaries and films—plus classic works of architecture, criticism, and literature—that present the city in parallel with its embrace of "beginning anew." Homework will emphasize reading texts from a multitude of disciplines that explore this California characteristic shared by transplants and immigrants alike. Weekly writing responses will be designed to improve students' overall writing skills and refine critical

FMA 3770
Entertainment Industry Perspectives – 4 credits – SS1
The objective of this course is to expose students to a variety of career path options, professional skills, and career-building strategies specifically suited to the entertainment industry. Weekly visiting guests, all of whom are working professionals in various areas of the industry and at various stages in their working lives, will share with students first-hand knowledge about embarking upon and navigating entertainment industry careers. In addition, students will write weekly assignments, as well as a final paper, reflecting upon the information and advice they are learning from visiting lecturers and how that knowledge informs their career goals and plans.

FMA 4440
Hollywood Head Start – 4 credits – SS1
Los Angeles is the most prominent hub of entertainment industry jobs in the United States, and as such, it attracts aspiring professionals from all over the world. How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd in such a competitive environment? This course equips students from a range of majors with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to successfully launch their careers in LA. Whether your goal is to study, intern, or work in Los Angeles – or perhaps all three – this course will give you a valuable head start.

MUST 4780
Special Topics in Music Studies: History of Rock – 2 credits – SS2
This course provides students with an appreciation and understanding of the history of American popular music and rock as it relates to culture and society. Special attention will be paid to the notion of music genre as it relates to social trends, traditions, and community from the 1950s through the early 2000s.